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Nazi Victims in Israel Approve of Death Sentence Against Eichmann

Jews in Israel who were held by the Nazis in concentration camps, and who fought in the ghettoes against the Nazis, today issued a call to the world, emphasizing that they find the death sentence of Adolf Eichmann fully justified. A resolution to this effect was adopted by the group, which is known as the Organization of Ghetto Fighters, Concentration Camp Victims and Fighters against Nazi Germany in the Allied Armies.

The resolution was read at a press conference called by the organization. The resolution also called upon all governments to root out, bring to trial and extradite all other former Nazis and “those carrying and spreading the Nazi ideology.” As to the justice of the Eichmann conviction and sentence, the resolution stated: “This is the historic sentence of the Jewish nation against its exterminators in the past and against the neo-Nazis who contemplate their murderous plans for tomorrow.”