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Eichmann’s Lawyer Gets Extension for Filing Appeal Against Sentence

Supreme Court President Yitzhak Olshan yesterday granted a one-month extension to Adolf Eichmann’s defense counsel Robert Servatius to file an appeal on behalf of his client against the conviction and death sentence handed down by the Jerusalem District Court last month against Eichmann for directing the mass killing of Europe’s 6, 000, 000 Jews.

Attorney General Gideon Hausner, who attended the meeting between Justice Clshan and Dr. Servatius, raised no objection to the extension, In requesting the extension, Dr, Servatius explained that he had recently received various suggestions regarding points in the appeal and that he would need more time to prepare it. He said he would need only a few hours for the actual presentation of the appeal.

The West German attorney, noting that his interview with Eichmann lasted only 30 minutes, asked that more time be given him for consulting with his client. Justice Clshan said it had not yet been decided how many justices would hear the appeal.