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Moscow Sees U.S. Israeli ‘plot’ in Edward Kennedy’s Visit to Israel

Moscow Radio’s Arab language listeners are being told that the recent visit to Israel by President Kennedy’s brother Edward, was part of an American-Israeli “plot” to “infiltrate the young African countries.”

An Arab-language Moscow Radio broadcast, monitored here, said that the younger Kennedy’s speech in Jerusalem last week–in which he said that emerging African nations might follow the example set by Israel–was part of a U.S. master plan “to enslave the young African states.” The broadcast charged that Israel’s programs of economic aid to African countries is being provided at the behest of the U.S. for “political aims.”

“Washington’s calculations include putting the African countries in a state of economic subservience to Israel,” said the broadcast. “This is the way American-Israeli cooperation develops in this region. It is clear why Kennedy praised Israel. It is difficult for the United States to find a more suitable instrument than Israel to carry out its imperialist schemes in Africa. Israel has been named the imperialists’ obedient puppet.”