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Hausner ‘fan Mail’ on Eichmann Trial Runs Range from Hate to Flowers

A residue of hatred for Jews still remains in Germany, Israel Attorney General Gideon Hausner implied at a news conference here today. The chief prosecutor of the Adolf Eichmann trial, here for the major address to the B’nai B’rith triennial convention last night, told reporters that he continues to receive “quite a fan mail” from German citizens. The letters, he said, range the full scale of emotions and opinions from those who say they were unaware of Hitler’s reign of terror against Jews and are now ashamed of those actions, to those who vilify him personally, as well as all Jews.

He quoted an excerpt from a letter, which said that a monument to Hitler should be erected “because he at least tried to exterminate the Jews.” The writer of that letter also expressed the hope that “Nasser will finish the job.” But among his other correspondents, Mr. Hausner said, was a West German woman who sent him white roses on a regular monthly basis with the explanation that she “realized I was carrying a great burden and would like to do something for us.” He said he has also received a volume of mail from the United States, the overwhelming majority of which was “warm and friendly.”