Anti-semitic International Movements Revived in Switzerland
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Anti-semitic International Movements Revived in Switzerland

West Germany’s Embassy to Switzerland warned here today “with concern” that certain Nazi and anti-Semitic international movements have been revived in this country.

According to a statement issued here by the Bonn Embassy, in the name of the West German Ministry of the Interior, two extreme rightist groups are established in this country. One is the Organization of a New Europe which advocates the so-called New European Order, with headquarters in Lausanne. The other is the Northern League, whose headquarters are at Thun, a small town in the Swiss Canton of Berne.

The latter, according to the German document, is financed by the Fascist International, which maintains its headquarters at Malmoe, Sweden. The Fascist International, the Germans declared, is in close contact with Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union, in England.

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