Swedish Press Welcomes Premier Ben-gurion’s Visit
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Swedish Press Welcomes Premier Ben-gurion’s Visit

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s visit to Sweden was greeted today by laudatory public evaluations of his leadership.

A typical editorial was that in the Degens Nyheter, a major liberal daily, which described the Prime Minister, as “a prophet, driven since his youth by a vision of a Jewish State open to all Jewish immigrants but also a state which would rest on the foundations of freedom, Justice and peace.”

The editorial described him also as “a very capable tactician.” “The vision has never been allowed to blur his way of looking at what is practically obtainable,” the paper said. “His position and prestige never infringed on the democratic system which makes Israel an outpost of the West in the Orient. It is one of the most engrossing and fascinating personages of our time to whom we today extend a hearty welcome to Sweden,” the editorial said.

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