American Legion Probes Suspects on Giving Lists to Anti-semites
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American Legion Probes Suspects on Giving Lists to Anti-semites

Four individuals in the Los Angeles area were reported today to have been listed by American Legion officials as prime suspects in the theft of confidential Legion files which had been turned over to professional anti-Semites.

Two weeks ago, leading Californians began complaining they were receiving scurrilous anti-Semitic and anti-Negro material from Southern California rabble-rousers. Investigation indicated that someone had obtained without authorization a secret roster of new officers of the Legion Department of California.

Legion officials promptly denounced the misuse of the stolen files and cited the organization’s continuous program of seeking to stamp out religious and racial bigotry. The investigation was extended to Los Angeles and produced evidence pointing to the four individuals who were in a position to obtain such Legion records by stealth and who are known to be active anti-Semites. The four suspects were reported to be under further investigation.

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