American Zionist Students Open Conference; 99 Colleges Represented
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American Zionist Students Open Conference; 99 Colleges Represented

Three hundred representatives from 99 college campuses met here today at a conference of the Student Zionist Organization.

Murray S. Greenfield, executive director of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel, told the students that Americans who have worked in, or who have other ties with, developing countries, should form supporting groups similar to his association. He said such two-way associations, operating in the United States and in the developing countries, would serve as clearing houses for individual assistance and exchange information.

He said his group, which was founded in 1961, had given advice and aid on housing, jobs, language and customs to thousands of Americans and Canadians who either visited Israel or came to settle there.

He said more than 10,000 Association members, who include Foreign Minister Mrs. Golda Mer, give mutual aid and exchange information through the Association’s newsletters, special events, housing mortgage plans and work conferences.

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