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Catholic Organ in California ‘saddened’ by Jesuit Warning to Jews

The Central California Register, official organ of the Fresno-Monterey Catholic Diocese, today took issue with “America, ” the Catholic weekly published by Jesuits, on the latter’s criticism of Jews who support the United States Supreme Court’s ruling which banned official prayers in public schools.

In an editorial entitled “Anti-Semitic?” signed by the managing editor, Gerard E. Sherry, the Register declared itself “saddened” by the “America” editorial. “We are amazed, ” continued the Register editorial, “that ‘America’ lumped only various Jewish groups with atheism and humanists as opponents of religious practices in public schools. This is because it failed to mention the many Protestant groups also aligned in the opposing camp. There are more non-Jewish groups opposing official prayers in public schools than there are in the Jewish faith. Indeed, there is not even unanimity among Catholics on this question. “

The Register pointed out that Pope John XXIII urges Catholics to promote religious unity and has issued a directive “that odious references to Jews should be eliminated from one of the orations contained in the Holy Week ceremonies. ” “Catholics,” stated the Register, “have an obligation to work toward the easing of religious tensions, in order that we achieve peace among all our citizens. It could be called the search for civic peace. “