Bonn Parliament Told of Delay in Compensation Legislation
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Bonn Parliament Told of Delay in Compensation Legislation

Dr. Heinz Starke, West German Finance Minister, told the Parliament today he hoped that a bill would be submitted “in the next few months” to make possible compensation payments for claimants still not covered.

Explaining that preparations for legislation to complete West German compensation to victims of the Nazis had not been finished for that reason, he reiterated that the Federal Government considered such action “a debt of honor” on the part of the German people.

Reviewing the ten years since the West German Government had signed agreements with Israel for reparations and with the Conference on Material Claims Against Germany for compensation, Dr. Starke said that so far some 20,000,000,000 marks ($5,000,000,000) had been paid and that another 8,000,000,000 marks ($2,000,000,000) to 10,000,000,000 marks ($2,500,000,000) remained to be paid.

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