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So. African Board of Deputies Backs Leaders’ Stand on Israel Vote

The South African Board of Jewish Deputies, at a heavily attended monthly meeting, approved its previous actions and the actions of its spokesmen regarding Israel’s United Nations vote against South Africa’s apartheid policy.

A resolution of the Board endorsed the five-point “credo” as previously expressed by the organization’s president, Dr. Teddy Schneider. This “credo” stated:

1. South African Jewry is a permanent community; 2. South African Jewry will do everything to advance South Africa’s welfare; 3. Members of the Jewish community will play a full part as citizens of the country and individually join political parties of personal choice; 4. The Jewish community will do its best to explain South Africa’s attitude and policies to Jews overseas; 5. Fostering of Jewish education will help the community to apply the principles of Judaism to its every-day lives.

Gustav Saron, Board general secretary, urged “two-way efforts” to interpret South Africa to Israel and Israel to South Africa. The Board also declared it “welcomed” Premier Hendrik Verwoerd’s understanding of the position of South African Jewry.