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Ben-gurion Outlines Views on Guaranteeing Israel’s Borders

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion today proposed that the United States and the Soviet Union should jointly guarantee Israel’s territorial integrity. In an exclusive interview with CBS news producer Don Kellerman–for broadcast Wednesday over WCBS-TV, New York–Mr. Ben-Gurion said there can be no stability in the Middle East as long as President Nasser of Egypt maintains a state of war with Israel in violation of the United Nations Charter.

He said the United States and Russia could best assure peace by issuing a joint warning to Nasser that, unless he agrees to recognize the existence of Israel and to negotiate a peace with her in keeping with the UN Charter, they will cut off all aid to him, military and financial.

As an alternative to this joint U.S.-USSR action, the Israel Premier offered the suggestion that the United States act on its own to guarantee Israel’s territorial integrity–joining Israel in a bilateral treaty–declaring that an attack on one is an attack on the other.