Goldmann Lauds Jewish Resistance; Hausner Raps German Scientists
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Goldmann Lauds Jewish Resistance; Hausner Raps German Scientists

The Jewish resistance movement during the Nazi regime in Europe compared favorably with the resistance offered by non-Jews, and all charges of cowardice against the Jews oppressed by the Nazis are “morally contemptible,” Dr. Nahuro Goldmann declared here last night. He was one of the principal speakers at a meeting held here by 600 survivors of the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, commemorating the liberation of that Nazi death factory.

Declaring that much blame adhered to “the leaders and peoples of the Allied countries, who, during World War II stood witness to the great tragedy of which they were informed,” Dr. Goldmann said “there was more resistance from Jews than from any other segment of the European population.”

Anaother of the speakers, Israel’s former Attorney General Gideon Hausner, who had been chief prosecutor in the trial of the late Adolf Eichmann, warned the meeting that “Israel is now being threatened by neighboring countries who proclaim their intention of finishing off what Hitler and Eichmann left undone.” Referring to the German scientists at work in Egypt now on deadly weapons intended for Israel’s destruction, Mr. Hausner called upon the world powers “to ensure that all preparations for this openly proclaimed aggression be stopped at once.”

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