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New Explanation for Red Sea Crossing by Jews Advanced by Scientist

A new scientific explanation for the division of the Red Sea’s waters to enable Moses and the fleeing Hebrews to escape Pharaoh’s army was reported here today by the London Express’ correspondent in Athens.

According to the report, Prof. Angelos Galanopoulos, director of the Athens Observatory and a leading authority on earthquakes, has determined that a volcanic explosion on the Greek island of Santorin, in the Aegean Sea, pulled 5,000-foot high tidal waves into a gigantic 70-square-mile crater, one mile in depth.

This happened just as the Hebrews reached a strip of land flanking an inlet called the Lake of Canes, the professor said, causing the water to be sucked away from the coast and permitting the Jews to cross safely to the other side. Prof. Galanopoulos calculated the strength of the explosion at several times that of a hydrogen bomb. He believes it also caused other unusual incidents recorded in the Bible.