Evaluation of American-israel Relations Started in Jerusalem
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Evaluation of American-israel Relations Started in Jerusalem

Mrs. Golda Meir, Israel’s Foreign Minister, and her top aides opened a series of discussions and politico-diplomatic evaluations here today with Israel’s Ambassadors in the principal Western capitals. On hand today, were Ambassador Avraham Harman from Washington, and Ambassador Walter Eytan from Paris. They will be joined before the consultations are concluded, by Ambassador Michael S. Comay, Israel’s permanent representative at the United Nations.

Principal items on the agenda are Israel-U. S. A. relations, relations with France and other Western governments, and Israel’s role in the next session of the United Nations General Assembly, to be convened in September.

Mr. Comay, who had been expected here last week, is still at U. N. Headquarters in New York. He is attempting to obtain U.N. intervention toward the release of three Israelis abducted by the Syrians 10 days ago, when Syrians seized a boat on Lake Tiberias with three Israelis and three Belgian citizens. The Belgians have been released, but the Israelis are still being held in Syria.

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