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Vatican Editor Says Adherence to Gospels Can Combat Anti-semitism

The editor of the Vatican’s official organ, Osservatore Romano, declared in an article today that not psychoanalytic rationalizations but Christian adherence to the lessons of the Old and New Testaments will help eliminate anti-Semitism from the world.

The article was written by Dr. Federico Alessandrini, editor of the Vatican’s official newspaper, in reply to a statement allegedly made recently by a rabbi, who had drawn upon psychoanalysis to explain the fact that some Christians accuse Jews of deicide.

“There is no need to get into the muddy, materialistic shallows of Prof, Sigmund Freud, ” stated Dr. Alessandrini. He cited the Old and New Testaments as being “enough to combat anti-Semitism, ” declaring: “For Catholics, relations with their brethren of other faiths are governed by the law of the Gospels- that is, by loving charity. “