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Four More Soviet Jews Sentenced to Death; Seven Given Long Terms

Four more Soviet Jews were given the death sentence, and seven others were imprisoned for 10-15-year-terms, after a mass trial of 26 men at Lwow on charges of having committed “economic crimes,” according to Lwowskaya Pravda, local organ of the Communist Party, received here today. In addition, four Jews received prison sentences of two years to three years after the Lwow trial.

All 26 men were accused of stealing materials from a textile factory, selling the goods on the black market. Of the men given the death sentence, four who are definitely Jews were named as Z. M. Kogan, B. Z. Khaiut, W. I. Sokolov and W.A. Velia. Four others were sentenced to death at Lwow, some of whom may be Jews, These were named as M. M. Feilich, W.I. Molchanik, T.A. Marchukov and M.I. Liubini.

The seven Jews given the long prison terms at Lwow were identified as L.Z.Tzirelset, W.A. Shorr, M. M. Borisonik, I. M. Shoikhet, Z.S. Pankievitz, I.K. Perelshtein and L. M. Grinberg.