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Quebec Provincial Government Assists Publication of Jewish Books

A grant of $3,000 was awarded here by the Ministry of Culture of the Province of Quebec to aid the publication of the second volume of the Talmudic Encyclopedic Dictionary. The volume, in Hebrew, has been edited by Dr. Moshe Sambatyon, an Israeli scholar living here. His first volume was issued in Israel several years ago with the assistance of Israel’s President at the time, Izhak Ben-Zvi.

The recently established Provincial Ministry of Culture is advised by a Provincial Arts Council, whose membership includes Jews. Other works encouraged or aided by the Cultural Ministry in Quebec of late have been a subsidy for the publication of the Shulchan Aruch, edited with an English translation by Rabbi Chain Denberg, of this city.

The Provincial Government has also extended assistance to the Yiddish poet, M. M. Shafir, whose second volume of verse has been purchased by the government for distribution in libraries across the continent and overseas as part of its program of disseminating the literary works of residents of the province. Similar aid has gone forth to David Wise, Montreal social worker, who has issued a small collection of poems.