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Dutch Premier Stresses Difficulties to Link Israel to Euromart

The Dutch Government is not at fault for the difficulties Israel is having in its efforts to establish a link with the European Common Market, Prime Minister Victor Marijnen told the Senate here this weekend. Associate status with the Euromart for Israel is “not attainable,” he declared.

Whie Dr. Marijnen was discussing Israel’s status vis-a-vis the European Economic Community in the Senate here, a number of members of the European Parliament, meeting at Strassbourg, demanded that the EEC’s link with Israel be established by the Community’s Council of Ministers.

A representative of the Dutch Foreign Ministry told the assembly at Strassbourg that a study of Israel’s proposals to the Euromart should be concluded within a few weeks. After that, he said, negotiations between Israel and the EEC can be resumed. Dutch Socialists and Christian Democrats, and a representative of West Germany, demanded that the Israeli link be established soon.