President Johnson Asks Myer Feldman to Hold His White House Post
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President Johnson Asks Myer Feldman to Hold His White House Post

President Lyndon B. Johnson has asked Myer Feldman, White House deputy special counsel, to continue serving in the same capacity and also to advise him on Jewish and Israeli matters as Mr. Feldman did for President John F. Kennedy.

Mr. Feldman has accepted President Johnson’s invitation. He will continue serving as the senior official of Jewish faith on the White House staff. It was learned that President Johnson made known that he would follow the practice of President Kennedy in placing reliance on Mr. Feldman as his personal consultant on Jewish issues.

Mr. Feldman came to the White House with President Kennedy after serving on his Senate staff and as research and program director of the Democratic national committee during the 1960 Presidential election campaign. Designated as Deputy Special Counsel to the President, Mr. Feldman works personally with the President and is responsible for vital communications with Congress and Federal agencies. In addition to these duties, President Kennedy directed him to maintain liaison between the White House and the American Jewish community.

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