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Fiftieth Anniversary of ‘reali School’ in Israel Celebrated

Two Israelis who are–respectively–85 years old and 77 years old stood before an audience of younger colleagues yesterday and drew the plaudits of their peers because they professed their youth. One was Dr. Arthur Biram, founder of the Reali School here, an institution of higher learning founded by Dr. Biram in 1914. He is 85. The other was ex-Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, 77.

The occasion was the celebration of the school’s 50th anniversary and the simultaneous observance of Dr. Biram’s 85th birthday. Said Dr. Biram to Mr. Ben-Gurion: “Don’t consider yourself old. Spiritual strength tempers physical strength. You still have great things ahead of you.” Mr. Ben-Gurion, acknowledging his spirit, urged more education for Israeli youth in “both know-how and the prophetic ideals.” Acting as chairman of the event was Deputy Prime Minister Abba S. Eban. He is 48.