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Ex Nazi-officer Sentenced for False Statement on Deportation of Jews from Hungary

Adolf Plunck, 54, Hamburg, a former SS major, was sentenced today to two months in jail with probation for making false statements in court that the SS unit for which he worked in Hungary in 1954 had not participated in the wartime deportation of Jews.

Although he was not under oath when he made the statement to an investigating magistrate, he was still liable under West German law. He made the false statement during a pre-trial investigation of charges against former SS Lt. Col. Hermann Krumey, aide to Adolf Eichmann. Krumey is scheduled to be tried here next year.

Plunck had been told that he did not have to give self-incriminating evidence and therefore did not need to give false testimony for his own protection, the judge ruled in imposing sentence. His unit was implicated in the deportations during the trial of Eichmann in Jerusalem.