High Israeli Official Sentenced to Prison Term for Accepting Bribe

Yehuda Splegel, former Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health, was sentenced today in district court to one-year in prison for bribery, in a construction scandal.

Spiegel, a one-time Hungarian Jewish leader and a leader of the National Religious party., was accused with three other mon of demanding and receiving bribes in connection with the award of a contract for the creation of a $10,000,000 Government hospital near Tel Aviv. A second defendant, A Yaroni, a contractor, who was also found guilty last Monday, received a similar sentence. He was head of the ministry committee that awarded the contract. The two others were acquitted.

Spiegel was released after sentencing on bail of 20,000 pounds ($6,600) for 20 days pending an appeal of the sentence. The Health Ministry had been in charge of planning and building the hospital.