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Argentine Extremists Blame Arab Agents for ‘racist Terrorism’

The leader of the Alliance for National Liberation, a major Argentine nationalist movement, blamed Arab agents today for “all of the racist terrorism unleashed in our country.”

The charge was made in a statement by Guillermo Patricio Kelly, known as the leader of an extreme nationalist element during the Peron dictatorship and now leader of the Alliance for National Liberation. He said in a statement that “we are ready to clear up the doings of foreign agents dedicated to the task of using violence for the anarchizing of our national community.”

“Our movement,” he declared, “alerts the working people, which in its majority is Peronist, about the fact that Hussein Triki, representative of the Arab League, is directly responsible, together with Raul Jassen, an Argentine Journalist, for all racist terrorism unleashed in our country.”

Argentine nationalism,” he said, “repudiates this ideologic distortion which General Peron condemns as a provocation to national feeling. We Argentineans are living decisive hours in the march toward national liberation and we will crush with revolutionary strength the insolence of these foreigners dedicated to pouring oil on the civil bonfire.”