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American Labor Parley Condemns Soviet Acts Against Jews

A resolution condemning the suppression of Jewish religion and culture in the Soviet Union was adopted here today by more than 200 delegates attending the convention of the Maine State Federated Labor Council. The resolution, adopted unanimously, reads:

“This convention of the Maine State Federated Labor Council adds its voice to those condemning the Soviet Union’s violations of the human rights of its Jewish minority and calls upon the Government of the United States to use every means available to it in the United Nations and elsewhere to vigorously protest official Soviet anti-Semitism.”

The resolution also noted the suppression of Jewish culture, the denial to Jews of the most elementary requirement for practicing their religion, and the singling out of Jews as scapegoats for failures of the Soviet economy. It called for action “by both the United Nations and the United States to hasten the end of the Soviet Union’s anti-Semitic policies and practices.”