Rothschild Foundation Announces $1,000,000 Gift for Libraries in Israel
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Rothschild Foundation Announces $1,000,000 Gift for Libraries in Israel

The Edmond James de Rothschild Memorial Group today announced a gift of more than $1,000,000 for the support of Israel’s regional libraries. The gift was announced at a graduation ceremony at the Hebrew University here, in which 18 library science graduates received their diplomas.

The Rothschild family’s Memorial Foundation will also give a grant of 50,000 pounds sterling ($140,000) to the Haifa Arab-Jewish Center, a youth club dedicated to knocking down the barriers between Jewish and Arab youth. The Center, founded last year on the initiative of Mayor Aba Hushi, already has more than 700 members.

In announcing the grant, Lord Rothschild stressed the need for Arab-Israel harmony, saying that the stability and prosperity of the Middle East “and therefore the whole world” depend on tolerance, cooperation and mutual respect between the Israelis and the Arabs.

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