Tel Aviv Garbage Collectors Strike; Mayor Appeals to Public
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Tel Aviv Garbage Collectors Strike; Mayor Appeals to Public

A strike by the 800 garbage collectors of Tel Aviv went into its seventh day today, with no early settlement in sight.

The deadlock stemmed in part from a dispute between the strikers’ committee and two other parties to the dispute, the City and the Municipal Employees Association. The strikers’ principal demand is for “extra effort” pay, like that given in the building trades and in road transport. The strikers have demanded three pounds ($1) a day in such extra pay, but have said they would settle for less if the City and the Histadrut, Israel’s Labor Federation, would accept the principle.

Meir Silberman, secretary of the Municipal Employees Association, said that the claims would be adjusted as soon as new municipal grades were put into effect. Mayor Mordechai Namir called on the public to remove its own garbage, but debris was piled high in municipal markets.

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