Bonn Government Says Chancellor Plans No Meeting with Eshkol
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Bonn Government Says Chancellor Plans No Meeting with Eshkol

A spokesman for the West German Government said today that there were no immediate plans for a meeting between Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and Israel’s Prime Minister Levi Eshkol.

The comment was in reference to a statement by the Israeli Premier, in an interview with the Israeli daily newspaper “Maariv,” that he expected to confer with the West German Chancellor before Israel’s national elections in the summer of 1965 on “very substantial and important matters.”

In the interview, the Premier indicated heightened concern over the employment of West German scientists by the Nasser regime in Egypt who are working on advanced weapons systems there. Mr. Eshkol said that while West Germany was now Israel’s second-biggest customer, after Britain, “there are even greater and more decisive matters. ” He also said it was not for Israel to forgive the Germans for their Nazi past, adding that the Germans “must struggle to prove day by day that they deserve such absolution.”

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