Palestine Liberation Army Will Train Commandos Against Israel
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Palestine Liberation Army Will Train Commandos Against Israel

Ahmad Shukairy, head of the “Palestine Liberation Organization, ” told reporters in Jordan-held Jerusalem today that the “Palestine Army” approved by the Arab League 13-nation “summit” conference would train commando units.

The formation of such an army was approved in principle at the conference last week in Alexandria but the Arab rulers did not set a date for the start of the army; Shukairy also said that his organization intends to open offices abroad, first in New York and then on all other continents. The announced purpose of the army, to be recruited from Palestinian Arab refugees, is to “liberate Palestine”

(In Washington, Senator Kenneth B, Keating, speaking in the Senate, strongly denounced the aggressive policies of Nasser’s United Arab Republic and declared, “The time has come to end U.S. taxpayer support for this menace. ” The New York lawmaker called for an immediate cut-off of aid by the President and the State Department and warned, “If the executive branch of the government will not act, there will be increasing need for Congressional action to block further abuse of foreign aid funds and prevent U, S subsidies for Nasser’s aggression.”)

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