Samuel L. Haber Named Assistant Executive Vice-chairman of J. D. C.
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Samuel L. Haber Named Assistant Executive Vice-chairman of J. D. C.

Samuel L. Haber has been named assistant executive vice-chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee, it was announced today by Moses A. Leavitt, JDC executive vice-chairman. Mr. Haber, who was formerly assistant director-general, served JDC in various posts overseas for 17 years before coming to the agency’s international headquarters in New York.

Mr. Haber first joined the JDC staff in 1947, supervising the agency’s welfare and rehabilitation operations in the American Zone in Germany. Following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, he helped empty the DP camps, speeding tens of thousands of Jewish survivors to Israel, the United States and other friendly lands.

In 1954 Mr. Haber was sent to Morocco to organize a welfare program providing assistance to more than 50, 000 needy Jews there. He remained until the end of 1956 when he was assigned to Poland, the first JDC representative allowed to function in that country since 1950. He set up a special emergency relief program for Jewish repatriates returning to Poland from the Soviet Union. Mr. Haber served in the United States Army from 1943 through 1946, rising to the rank of major. For a brief period after his demobilization, he was economic consultant to the U. S. Department of State.

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