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Syrian Troops Open Fire on Israelis; Use Machineguns and Tank

Syrian gunners attacked three Israel tractors southeast of Lake Tiberias today, using machineguns, recoilless guns and armor-piercing shells. Israeli troops returned the fire.

United Nations observers called for a cease-fire three hours after the shooting began. After the cease-fire became effective, the tractors completed their assignment. Israel said there had been no casualties. The Syrians also used in the attack a tank stationed at Tawafique village which is actually a Syrian army strong point.

The Syrian incident erupted 24 hours after a flare up on the Jordanian border in which mortars were used. The Israelis suffered no casualties. A Jordanian Jeep was hit and set afire by the Israelis. Israeli newspapers reported today that King Hussein had instructed Jordanian troops to refrain from causing incidents along the border.