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Leading Senators Favor Severance of U.S. Aid to Egypt; Hear Rusk

Chairman J.W. Fulbright of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said today that he agreed with a recent statement by Senate Democratic leader Mike Mansfield favoring severance of aid to countries, like Egypt, which tell the United States to “jump in the lake” or to “go to hell.”

Sen. Fulbright. Arkansas Democrat, made this known following lengthy testimony before his committee by Secretary of State Dean Rusk. Mr. Rusk briefed the Senators on world problems. He reportedly avoided direct comment on the Egyptian situation and sought to justify continued American assistance to the Nasser regime.

Sen. Fulbright said he regarded Sen. Mansfield’s remarks as a very appropriate conclusion. He added that “it really provoked me” when Egypt, Indonesia, and other countries permitted mobs to burn U.S. Government libraries.