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Liberal Party in Israel Seeks Cooperation with Herut; Names Committee

The possibility of a limited alignment between Israel’s two principal rightwing parties, the Liberals and Herut, emerged today from a 17 to 12 decision of the Liberal party to name a special committee to find ways of cooperating with the Herut.

A minority of former members of the Progressive party, led by Moshe Kol, opposed the vote and threatened to act to dissolve the four-year old union with the former General Zionists. Mr. Kol, a leader in the merger of the two parties, said the decision to name the special committee was in violation of the merger agreement. Former General Zionists in the party argued that the decision did not mean merger with Herut or even alignment but was only for a united front for the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. They said each party would keep its ideology and specific character.