Argentine Anti-semites Clash at Meeting Condemning Anti-semitism
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Argentine Anti-semites Clash at Meeting Condemning Anti-semitism

Anti-Semites tried to break up a meeting held in Corrientes, capital of the large Argentine province of that name, yesterday, when representatives of all democratic parties in the region met to condemn anti-Semitism.

After speakers had denounced anti-Semitism and other anti-democratic manifestations in this country, a number of men started shouting “Death to the Jews.” Stiff fights erupted and several men on each side were hurt, none seriously. By the time police arrived, the fighting was over, and no one was arrested.

At the same time, five Molotov cocktails were tossed against the David Wolfsohn school in Buenos Aires. Police found signs that members of the banned Tacuara extremist youth movement were involved in the attack. Anti-Jewish pamphlets were found on the scene. They were signed “Revolutionary Tacuara Movement.” The Government banned the movement after its members were involved in numerous attacks on Jews and Jewish property.

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