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Teller Urges More Jewish Education As Offset to Intermarriage

American Jewish organizations were urged here this weekend to utilize “education and accelerated cultural effort” in combating intermarriage instead of waging full-scale public campaigns in the press. Addressing a seminar sponsored by the Eastern Seaboard Region of the Labor Zionist Organization of America, Dr. Judd L. Teller, executive vice-chairman of the American Histadrut Cultural Exchange Institute, said that, while intermarriage is viewed “in catastrophic dimensions” by both religious and non-religious Jews, “it is vulgar, injudicious and ineffective to attempt to arrest the phenomenon by propaganda in the public press.”

The most effective means of keeping the Jewish group intact, he declared, “is by developing loyalties and commitments through education and accelerated cultural effort, which would make continued affiliation to the Jewish group meaningful.” Dr. Teller also called upon the American Jewish community to devote increasing attention and allocate more funds to Negro-Jewish relations and to the anti-poverty program.