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Inciting Anti-jewish Slogans Appear on Walls in Munich and Heilbron

The new outbreak of swastika smearing, begun at Bamberg more than a month ago and, since then, cropping out in various other parts of Germany, continued to manifest itself today.

In this city, perhaps the staunchest of the old strongholds of Nazism, the swastika was found by police this morning to have been chalked in crayon on sidewalks and on advertising posters. On several walls, the police found the slogan “Jews, get out.” At Heilbron, windows on stores in a shopping center, and several walls, were also daubed with the swastika.

It was noted here today, as it has been throughout Germany, that, thus far, not one of the swastika smearers has been arrested anywhere in the country since the new incitement campaign was launched at Bamberg on June 13.