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Israel Demands U.N. Action Against Raids by Terrorists from Jordan

Ambassador Michael S. Comay, Israel’s Permanent Representative, demanded here today immediate United Nations action in regard to the Jordanian Government’s tolerance of increasing raids into Israeli territory by gangs of El Fatah Arab terrorists. Mr. Comay met with Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, U.N. Undersecretary for Special Political Affairs, and related to the high U.N. official Israel’s view of utmost gravity regarding the continuing El Fatah raids.

He stressed three points in particular: 1. That the sabotage raids are going on despite Israel’s complaints against Jordan; 2. that Israel holds Jordan “wholly responsible” for those terroristic actions; and 3. the fact that the El Fatah manifestations have been escalating instead of diminishing. It was understood here that Secretary General U Thant may discuss the situation with the Jordanian Ambassador here tomorrow.