Overseas Leaders of Ort Report on Vocational Training Needs
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Overseas Leaders of Ort Report on Vocational Training Needs

Overseas leaders of ORT, addressing the executive committee of the American Ort Federation here last night presented perspectives for increased vocational training, with primary emphasis on the educational needs of youth in Israel and equipping the more than 120,000 North African newcomers to France with skill essential to their economic integration.

Plans to enlarge such services were reported by Dr. Vladimir Halperin, director of the World Ort Union of Geneva; Jacob Cleiski, director of Ort-Israel; and F. Schrager, director of French Ort. While the highest priority in Israel over the next five years must be the creation of a universal system of secondary education, Mr. Oleiski urged that the pattern of secondary schooling be such as to emphasize technical studies in line with the country’s industrial development. He predicted a new era in Israel’s economic development.

“While the first period of the State was characterized by an emphasis on agriculture,” Mr. Oleiski stated, “Israel has now definitely embarked on industrialization. The new Israeli economy that is now taking shape is based on the most advanced technology, including automation. This factor will require changes in Israel’s secondary education in order to give far greater emphasis to technical and vocational training.” He announced that ORT has undertaken, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, to double student enrollment in its trade high schools in the next five years.

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