State Department Criticized for Giving Arms to Jordan
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State Department Criticized for Giving Arms to Jordan

The secret shipments by the United States of arms to Jordan, including Patton tanks, were denounced here today by Jacques Torczyner, president of the Zionist Organization of America, in a statement in which he termed these shipments as “another of a series of blunders of the U. S. State Department fraught with the gravest danger to the peace in the Middle East.”

The Zionist leader asserted that “the massive supplies of the most modern American arms to Saudi Arabia and Jordan, plus equally massive armament shipments to these countries, including Egypt, by Soviet Russia, are ultimately destined for use against Israel.

“The expanded volume of American arms shipments to the Arab countries is a flagrant violation of the avowed U. S. foreign policy which is committed to peace and stability in the Middle East.” he stressed. “The secret shipments of the Patton tanks to Jordan following the announcement of the U. S. Government’s intention to sell 400 million dollars worth of advanced arms, jets and missiles to Saudi Arabia destroys that policy and escalates the arms race in the Middle East.”

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