Kosygin’s Visit to Cairo Preceded by Soviet Anti-israel Propaganda
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Kosygin’s Visit to Cairo Preceded by Soviet Anti-israel Propaganda

Strong anti-Israel propaganda is being carried in the Soviet press on the eve of the departure to Cairo tomorrow of Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin for an 11-day visit as guest of the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Attack on Israel was carried in Izvestia, official organ of the Soviet Government, yesterday, asserting that Israel is trying to “provoke” an armed clash with Syria. Similar attacks against Israel have been carried during the last few days in many Soviet publications, local and regional.

The Izvestia article said that Israel is trying to justify its “armed provocations” against Syria “on the pretext that subversive groups operate from Syrian territory.” These “subversive groups” are members of the El Fatah Arab terrorist organization which Israel has accused repeatedly of being directed from Syria while some of them operate often from Jordan.

The latest terrorist act of the El Fatah infiltrators was the blowing up last Friday night of an irrigation pipe in an Israeli settlement, Ein Yahav, in the Negev. Three El Fatah attacks last week forced Israel to retaliate against Jordanian El Fatah bases which, according to Israel, were directed out of Syria.

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