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N.Y. Governor Devises New Plan for Textbooks for Religious Schools

A compromise has been worked out between New York State officials and Catholic and Orthodox Jewish leaders, on a bill to provide state funds for supplying textbooks to students in religious schools. The original bill, which would amend the 1965 Textbook Bill by increasing state aid for textbooks from $10 to $25 per child for the 1966-67 semester, was opposed by State budget officials who asserted that the addition of $25,000,000 to the budget was not feasible.

Governor Rockefeller now devised a new plan, which he sent to the Legislature yesterday for action, which would spread the increase evenly over a three year period. Instead of the original bill which calls for a grant of $25 the first year and $10 in the succeeding years, the new compromise would provide for the first three year period the same overall $45 total of funds, at a rate of $15 per pupil for each of the first three years.