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Canadian Envoy Tells U. N. Arab Recognition of Israel is Necessary

Paul Beaulieu, Canada’s representative to the United Nations Special Political Committee, which is currently debating the Arab refugee question, indicated in an address to that body here today that recognition of Israel by the Arab states was essential to a peaceful solution to the refugee problem.

In an obvious reference to the Arab attitude towards Israel, Mr. Beaulieu said: “The realization of peaceful conditions, and the achievement of progress towards the resolution of the refugee problem, would only come about if there was a general recognition of the right of all members of the United Nations to exist and prosper.”

He called on the committee to concentrate its discussions on the operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, “rather than debate at length the origin of the refugee problem.” He said that a financial contribution to UNRWA was not only an expression of humanitarian concern but was also a contribution to the maintenance of international peace and stability which “we all recognize as a collective responsibility.”