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Nazi Doctor in Ghana Admits Sterilizing 30,000 Jews; Killed 80,000

Dr. Horst Schumann, a former Nazi physician charged with killing 30,000 Jews and 100,000 inmates of mental hospitals, admitted here today that he supervised the killing by gas of “maybe 80,000 persons — I have no figures.”

Testifying in Ghana’s Court of Appeals in his appeal against an extradition request by the West German Government, Schumann said he carried out the killings on Hitler’s orders. Answering the charges that he killed 30,000 Jews by mass sterilization, he said he carried out the program out of fear of what would happen to him if he did not. Schumann had been sheltered by former Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah from West German demands for his extradition, but he was arrested after the Nkrumah regime was overthrown.