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1,200 Attend Weizmann Institute Dinner in New York; Sarnoff Honored

Declaring that “there are few things the mind can conceive that science cannot ultimately achieve,” including “solutions to most of the material problems of the world,” David Sarnoff, chairman of the board of the Radio Corporation of America, tonight called on the advanced Western nations to learn from the Weizmann Institute of Science that “science is here for the sake of humanity.”

Mr. Sarnoff was the recipient of the first “Weizmann Award in the Sciences and Humanities” at a dinner here under the auspices of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science. Mr. Sarnoff, who was ill, could not attend the dinner. His remarks were ready by his son, Robert, who also accepted the award for his father. More than 1,200 leaders in science, business and public affairs, including nine Nobel Laureates, attended the dinner.

The Institute was hailed by Nobel Laureate I. I. Rabi as “one of the great scientific centers of our time which experts already rank among the first five of the world.” Both attributed “the heart and brain” of the Institute to Meyer W. Weisgal, appearing tonight for the first time in the United States since his election last month as the president of the Weizmann Institute.

Speakers at the dinner were Marcus J. Sieff, vice-president of Marks and Spencer of London, who is deputy chairman of the board of governors of the Institute; and Meyer W. Weisgal, in addition to Dr. Rabi. The greetings of the State of Israel were presented by Avraham Harman, Israel Ambassador to Washington. Brief presentations were made by Dewey D. Stone, chairman of the board of governors and Abraham Feinberg, president of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science. Benjamin Abrams made the presentation of the award.


The 1966 Weizmann Award in the Sciences and Humanities to Mr. Sarnoff, first Honorary Fellow of the Institute, elected in 1952, consisted of a silver medallion and a citation in Hebrew and in English. Recognition is offered to Mr. Sarnoff’s deep interest in the well being of Israel and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Prof. Rabi stated in his address that the Weizmann Institute of Science “has grown to be one of the great research institutes not only of Israel but of the world.” This he attributed to Meyer W. Weisgal, “its heart and brain,” as “president de facto of the Weizmann Institute, for the better part of more than two decades,” who was elected president on October 11, 1966.

Mr. Weisgal, speaking at the dinner, pledged himself to be guided by the precepts laid down by Dr. Weizmann. Mr. Sieff, who is deputy chairman of the board of governors of the Weizmann Institute, said British Jewry is setting the pace for assuring the organic growth of the Weizmann Institute through endowment and called upon American Jewry to endow generously the Institute, from its vastly larger resources and in keeping with the American tradition of supporting institutions of higher learning.