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Anti-semitic Elements in Polish Government Reported Gaining Ground on Israel Issue

Reliable reports received here today from Warsaw indicated that the Stalinists and anti-Semites among leaders of the Polish Communist Government seemed to be winning the internal struggle which developed after the Government launched a series of virulent attacks on Israel after the May-June crisis and Middle East war.

In addition to the three Polish Army generals who reportedly were dismissed last week for refusing to distribute anti-Israel statements to their units, several politicians also were reported to have resigned on the issue. According to the reports, there is a determined effort by the old-line elements to return to the situation of 1956 when Poland was under almost direct Soviet domination.

If this proves to be the case, the sources said, Communist Party leader Wladyslaw Gomulka, who led the battle for greater freedom for Poland from Soviet domination, may be in trouble despite his lengthy and vehement anti-Israel orations and his attack on Polish Jews for rejoicing in Israel’s June victory.