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Israeli Police to Take over Duties from Military in Acquired Arab Territories

Policing of the Arab areas occupied by Israel as a result of the June war will be made the responsibility of Israel police, beginning Tuesday, it was announced here today. The Israeli police will operate under the laws and regulations now in effect in the areas concerned, it was said.

Three special police sub districts will be established. Two of these will be in the West Bank areas taken from Jordan, and one will be responsible for police work in the Gaza Strip and in northern Sinai, taken from Egypt. Lower Syrian areas in the Golan Heights overlooking northern Israel will be policed by the present subdistrict in Tiberias.

Due to the new duties assigned to Israeli police, many more policemen will be recruited. It is expected that 70 percent of the newly-appointed policemen will be from the localities embraced in the newly-established sub districts.