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Weizmann Institute Technique May Establish Whether There is Life on the Moon

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute have developed a technique whereby it may be possible to determine whether there is life on the moon, it was announced here today by Institute officials.

The technique has been worked out in the chemistry department of Weizmann by Dr. Emanuel Gilav, a scientist who had worked in England during World War II with the late Dr. Chaim Weizmann. He had been assisted by two other members of his department. Dr. Benjamin Feibush and Mrs. Rosita Charles Sigler.

Under the methods evolved by this scientific team, the identification of optical isomers in substances obtained from outer space would be possible, indicating whether there is life in the regions where the substance had originated. Dr. Gilav, it was announced, will spend the next academic year at Houston, Texas, where he will employ his methods with samples of substances obtained from outer space.