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Manifesto of Intellectuals in Czechoslovakia Asks Government to Abandon Anti-semitism

Czechoslovakia was reportedly moving toward an “explosive confrontation” between the country’s intellectuals and the Czech Communist Party, the Daily Telegraph reported here today. The newspaper said that an “astonishingly outspoken” manifesto, directed to world public opinion, had been adopted at a Congress of Czech Writers.

That manifesto, which has now reached London, after being smuggled out of Czechoslovakia, accused the party leaders of carrying out “a witch hunt of a pronounced Fascist character,” employing terror against dissenting writers who opposed the Government’s pro-Arab, anti-Israel policy. The manifesto pleaded for abandonment of “political censorship, anti-Semitism and racism” in the country’s official political policies. The manifesto had been signed by 69 artists, 183 writers, 21 television personalities, 56 scientists and publicists and other intellectuals, the newspaper reported.