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Wiesenthal Says Martin Bormann is Living on Brazil-paraguay Frontier

A claim that Hitler’s right hand man, Martin Bormann, is alive in South America was made this weekend by a man who aided in the arrest of Adolph Eichmann and other war criminals. Simon Wiesenthal, author of “The Murderers Are Among Us.” declared in a radio interview in Paris that “Bormann is living in Brazil, close to the frontier of Paraguay which he crosses in the event of danger.” He said “there are a number of German ‘colonies’ in Paraguay.” and asserted that he knew people who know Bormann and “I know some of the names he goes under.”

Mr. Wiesenthal claimed that 7,500 escaped Nazis had received Argentine identity cards after the war in exchange for investments helpful to the Peron government. When Peron fell from power, many of them dispersed to other countries, he said.