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2 Israeli Border Policemen, Jew and Druze, Arrested for Murdering 2 Arabs

Two Israeli border policemen, one a Jew and the other a Druze, will be brought to trial shortly on charges of murdering two Arabs on a road near Ramallah after a near traffic accident. The incident has created a furore in Israel where it has been headlined in the press. The Cabinet was expected to publicly decry the act following a meeting between Prime Minister Eshkol and several Cabinet Ministers,

According to reports, the murder occurred on a service road near Ramallah when the two policemen were angered by a near collision between their jeep and a truck driven by the Arabs. The names of the accused are being withheld. Many local Arabs attended the funeral of the two victims yesterday. However, the event was not turned into an occasion for a general anti-Israel demonstration, as some expected it might.